Truth and Tolerance

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Truth and Tolerance
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Book cover
Author Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
Original title Glaube – Wahrheit – Toleranz: Das Christentum und die Weltreligionen
Publisher Ignatius Press
Publication date
Pages 280
ISBN 978-1-58617-035-6
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Part of a series on the
Theology of
Pope Benedict XVI
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Truth and Tolerance (German: Glaube – Wahrheit – Toleranz: Das Christentum und die Weltreligionen ) is a book written by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI).

The book discusses faith, religion, culture, freedom, and truth, with special emphasis on the Christian religion and how it relates to these and if it can continue to make an absolute claim as the true religion.

In the preface, he states that "beyond all particular questions, the real problem lies in the question about truth."[1] He first tries to understand what culture is and how cultures relate to one another. Then he tries to understand man, what he is, how he can become himself. Then in the end he deals with the question on whether man is made for the truth and in what way he can put the question of truth.



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