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Tryggve Andersen (photo).

Tryggve Andersen (27 September 1866 – 10 April 1920) was a Norwegian novelist, poet and story writer. He was born in Ringsaker; the son of bailiff Christen Andersen and Antonette Krogvig. He was married three times; one of his wives was novelist Regine Normann, from 1906 to 1913. He made his literary debut in 1897 with the historical novel/story collection I Cancelliraadens dage, a collection of tales from the early 1800s. This book was received with great enthusiasm and earned him an endowment. It is regarded a pioneer work of its kind, and has later been analyzed by several literary historians. Among his other works are the poetry collection Digte from 1898, and the novel Mod kvæld from 1900.[1][2]

Portrait by Henrik Lund.

Andersen suffered from various health problems. He died in Gran in 1920. He has been portrayed by Henrik Lund, Olav Engebrigtsen and Karl Konow. Sculptor Jens Munthe Svendsen made a bronze bust of him in 1920.[2]


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