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Type Non-profit organisation
Founded 1992
Place Delhi, India
Institute Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Major events Algorithm, Diathlon, Robowars, Confluence
Core members 60

Tryst is the annual technical festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, held in February and March. The festival is the largest technical fest of North India with a huge footfall of more than 45,000 people around the globe. It is one of the largest and a highly acknowledged technical festival of India .It is entirely organized by the IIT Delhi student body and serves as a perfect launch-pad for technology enthusiasts to showcase their intelligence and inventiveness and a massive platform for various activities, organized in the form of competitive events, guest lectures, technical workshops and exhibition.The festival has always been driven by the motivation to bring together the world’s leading scientific minds along with renowned technologists and influential thinkers and connect them to a broader public involving students and faculty across India. Tryst 2017 will be held from 24th Feb – 27th Feb 2017, and will feature an impressive line-up of more than 50 Sci-Tech events including Seminars, Lectures, Workshops, Exhibitions and Competitions. In the past we have hosted personalities such as Steve Ballmer, Horst Koehler, Jeff Lieberman, Harry Marshall and Ryoji Noyori. The event has been growing in stature and popularity ever since.


The Tryst logo is modelled on the hyperbolic paraboloid. The shape of the Logo has been inspired by the Hyperbolic shape of the rooftop of the famous Dogra Hall in the campus of IIT Delhi.


Tryst has featured a number of guest lecturers including Jeff Lieberman, Nathan Seiberg, Kazutaka Kurihara, Anil Kakodkar, and Montek Singh Ahluwalia. Attendance grew from 100 to 15,000 participants in its first six years.The fest is marked with laser shows, events showcasing robot dances and stunts performed by machines designed by the students. The fest generally offers a plethora of events, in the form of Guest Lectures, Quizzes and Competitions, Informal events, Workshops, etc. Over the years, several eminent personalities have attended the festival, like Archana Sharma, Kris Gopalakrishnan, Sudhir Sethi, Kunal Shah and some more eminent personalities like Richard Stallman, Jayati Ghosh, etc. The fest also had a Flipkart Q&A Session with Sachin Bansal and Binni Bansal the previous year. The IIT Parliamentary Debate competition is also held along with TRYST, the two attracting a huge crowd of students from all over the student fraternity.

Tryst 2013[edit]

Tryst '13 was held from 1 to 4 March 2013, and had over 15,000 attendees. In addition to flagship events and department specific events, clubs including the Automobile Club (SAE, Mini Baja, HPV), Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC), Robotics Club and Technocracy (Astronomy Club, Economics Club, Electronics Club) held related events. The theme for Tryst 2013 was the commemoration of the weird, wacky and wild developments in science & technology.

Tryst 2014[edit]

Tryst '14 was held from 25–28 February 2014.

Tryst 2015[edit]

Tryst '15 was held from 25–28 February 2015. Personalities like Praveen Vettiyattil, Saloni Malhotra, Prateek A. Sethi, Manish Jain, Paul Halpern, Jitendra Joshi, Ashoke Sen, Alberto Minetti were invited for guest lectures. Kshitij Marwah, of the MIT Media Lab India Initiative fame, was also invited.

Tryst 2016[edit]

The theme of Tryst 2016, held from February 26–28, was 'FIFTH DIMENSION,' to celebrate the idea of conceptualising gravity as a dimension, in a way similar to spatial coordinates and time. The festival consisted of several events, like RoboSoccer, Robowars, quizzes like Electroquiz, Astro Quiz, and a Gaming Night. Along with this, there was the Youth Parliament, Paper Presentation, Fake Research, Mock Stocks, Bridge Building, Embeddtrix and Speedy CAD Design. The students who took part in the workshops and competitions were very delighted with the atmosphere they received in the festival.



Robowar Competition

Competitions are the generally major part of any technical fests.Tryst hosts many exciting competitions every year.Some of the interesting and famous competitions hosted by tryst are International Robotics Challenge,[1] HACK-IT,[2] National Junior Robotics Challenge,[3] Android Hackathon,[4] Quadcopter Challenge,[5] IOT Challenge,[6] Asgard[7] and many more.These competitions have always encouraged students towards technology.Following are the flagship events held at tryst every year.


Robowars competition is the most exciting competition of Tryst where zonal robowars winners compete.Robowars are the most awaited competitions.The vibrant atmosphere during the competitions and the Supercharged contenders are worth watching.


Hacking is not about the illegal things it’s all about how to secure your system.Computer Forensics is a detailed and scientific study, research and implementation of computer science subjects for the purpose of gathering digital evidence in cases of cyber crimes or for other scientific research purposes also it introduces the needs of the current cyber security sector.Best hackers compete to Win the title of the Best hacker.

APP Development:

Own a SmartPhone? Ever Wondered how an app is designed? Want to learn to make your own app. Android App Development Workshop at Tryst IIT Delhi is the opportunity for you to learn and design your own apps. IIT delhi not only organize workshops on App development but also helps uplift best app developers all over the country.

Quadcopter Challenge:

This competition helps participants to develop a Quadcopter project from scratch while understanding the various engineering concepts in making a working Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Developing a Quadcopter provides the right kind of hands-on application that an Engineering student needs! moreover competing with the best teams of all top colleges gives you a reality check over your product.


Quadcopter Workshop

Every year Tryst comes up with new exciting workshops.Workshops are always aimed to give students a brief overview of the subject and sufficient hands on experience.Some of the famous workshops[8] hosted by tryst are:

1)Ethical Hacking[9] - This workshop helps an individual to systematically attempts to penetrate a computer system or network on behalf of its owners for the purpose of finding security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could potentially exploit.

2)Automobile Mechanics[10] - This workshop is designed to demonstrate students about the IC Engines. It covers the latest basics and advanced topics about Automobile Industry.

3)Sixth Sense robotics[11] - This workshop will explore the application of vision in robotics and mechatronic systems using MATLAB.

4)Android App Development[12] - This workshop will teach an individual to build an android application starting from scratch.

5)Cloud Computing[13] - This workshop helps an individual to use a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

6)Quadcopter/UAV[14]- This workshop is designed to teach an individual to built a quadcopter and is best for the drone freaks.

7)Internet of Things[15] - This workshop will help an individual to develop a Home Automation System using Web Page or Mobile that can be controlled from anywhere.

8)Mock Stock.[16] This workshop will create a platform of imaginary stock market for the individuals who are ready to take a risk in game of speculation, skill and strategies.

Guest Lectures[edit]

Tryst being a Biggest technical fest of north India is usually visited by a number of eminent personalities.Students are quite enthusiastic every year for lectures as they get an opportunity to interact with the country's brightest minds.Guest lectures have always acknowledged students about technical enhancements and general awareness about social /technical issues.Some of the guests who visited Tryst IIT Delhi are -

Organizing Committee[edit]

The organising team every year consists of an Overall Coordinator (OC), Core Team Members (CTM) and Coordinators each pertaining to the following departments, namely:

1.Marketing-This team is responsible for attracting sponsorship from various corporations.

2.Publicity-This team is responsible for publicize the festival through all the sectors of offline and online media.

3.Events-This team is dedicated for the smooth conduction of any event during the festival.

4.Guest Lectures- This team is responsible for organizing all the prestigious lectures.

5.Finance-This team holds the responsibility of all the investments incurred for organizing the fest and work in collaboration with all the other departments.

6.Infrastructure-This team is responsible for all the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g. power supplies,) throughout the festival.

7.Workshops-This team is responsible for all organizing the workshops that focuses especially on techniques and skills in a particular field.

8.Prizes-This team is responsible for distribution of awards, trophy and certificates to all the winners during the festival.

9.Hospitality-This team is responsible for the facilities such as food, transportation etc.

10.Security-The main goal of this team is to look at all the security matters throughout the festival.

The team further has coordinators under every department who work in sync with their CTM for the smooth execution of the ideas. The team has Activity Heads working under these coordinators.

Social Media Presence[edit]

The media coverage of Tryst has been increasing and expanding remarkably over the past years. Popular events of the fest has been covered by newspapers including The Times of India[17], Daily News and Analysis (DNA)[18], InShorts[19], Digit[20], New Delhi Times[21]. All the events and competitions pertaining to Tryst IIT Delhi are covered on the festival's official Facebook page with a reach of 1 lakh users, official Twitter Page and official Instagram Page. The promotional trailers of the events are released on the official YouTube Channel. The festival has a technical blog series on all the recent scientific innovations going on in the technical world, Wordpress.

Sponsors and Past Associates[edit]

Tryst is known for the sponsorship it got in past years. It has attracted various corporations due to huge participation of students from all over the world. Many recognizable names have been associated with tryst including Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Samsung, IBM, JCB etc. Tryst had also been supported by Israeli embassy in the past. Tryst had received sponsorship in various sectors including Technology, Automobile, Banking, Education, Food and many others. Tryst Have had association with Infosys, Texas Instruments, Robosapiens, Robotech Labs, Moserbaer, Wigilant as it's technical partners. Datsun and Tata also partnered with Tryst in automobile sectors. The education sectors has seen several names like Internshala, vmock, Campus France, Chegg etc. In terms of banking and association, Tryst receives sponsorship from PayPal, Punjab national bank, American express, Swiggy, Pizza Hut, Kwality Walls, Mr.Sub etc. With a heavy footfall of over 45,000, Tryst is an excellent platform for networking with numerous students, corporates and delegates.


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