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Display Inc.
Type of businessPrivately held company
Type of site
Social networking service
Available inEnglish
HeadquartersNorwalk, Connecticut, US
Area servedWorldwide
Founder(s)John Acunto, Scot Weisberg, Sean Cross, David Kerzner
Key peopleJohn Acunto, Scot Weisberg, Sean Cross
Current statusActive

Display Inc., stylized as display, is an online social media and networking service based in Norwalk, Connecticut. The display app officially launched in May 2021.[citation needed]


In September 2019, display (formerly Tsū) announced its planned relaunch. According to Chief Executive Officer John Acunto, display would share ad revenue with users, a 50% payout of ad revenue.[1] display also incorporated protections against spam and empowers users to access data, analytics and insights related to their content.

In an interview with Fox Business (in response to the October 29th NCAA Board of Governors unanimous vote to allow student-athletes to be paid for the use of their name, image and likeness[2]), Tiki Barber, former NY Giants running back, cited display as a “great platform” to put the new NCAA rules to use, adding that display enables influencers of all kinds to have the ability to monetize their own content and brands.  Barber went on to say that display is creating a platform that gives all users access to brand partnership, by sharing in ad revenue, providing storefronts and more.[3]  display’s John Acunto echoed Barber’s sentiment saying that college athletes were just one example of those who could benefit from display: "I see this as an opportunity for all kinds of categories of people who are influencers [and] who have brands to engage with us."[4]

display rebranded from Tsū in April 2021.[5]

Core pillars[edit]

"display, the ‘Social That Pays’, put the creators on the focus. Our platform revolves around the people who create valuable content. We believe that they deserve the reward for all the efforts they put in."[6]

  • Awarding content creators based on the ad revenue they generate on the platform
  • Enabling commerce at the point of discovery via a personalized storefront
  • Providing tools that inspire content creation and empower creators to post efficiently

App features[edit]

Available for iOS and Android devices, main features include:

  • Profiles – Similar to other social media sites, a display “Profile” allows the user to upload photos and videos, friend/ follow, post, create a bio and promote personal websites. 
  • Store - Creators can personally curate a marketplace in an easily created for, enabling purchase at the point of discovery.
  • Bank – The display bank allows users to be paid out via Paypal.
  • Analytics (“Insights”) – In-app console that provides post engagement data to the user. Shows users what posts performed the best, incentivizing them to post more content that their audience enjoys.
  • Live Streaming - Users can live stream from the app to their friends, followers and family. Users can interact with the live streaming creator via a chat function
  • display TV – display’s built-in television channel that includes several daily livestream components.  Both the livestream and pre-recorded shows containing educational material, announcements, news and updates, and spotlight and promote Tsū user content through reviews and interviews.
  • Communities – Communities are ways for display users to communicate and exchange ideas and plan and promote events.  Communities can be public or private.


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