Tsagaanlamyn Dügersüren

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Tsagaanlamyn Dügersüren
Цаганламын Дугэрсурэн
Chairman of the Presidium of the State Little Khural (acting)
In office
May 20, 1972 – June 29, 1972
Preceded by Jamsrangiin Sambuu
Succeeded by Sonomyn Luvsan
Personal details
Born 1914
Died 1986
This is a Mongolian name. The given name is Dügersüren, and the name Tsagaanlam is a patronymic, not a family name. The subject should be referred to by the given name.

Tsagaanlamyn Dügersüren (Mongolian: Цаганламын Дугэрсурэн; 1914-1986) was acting Chairman of the Presidium of the State Little Khural(acting titular head of state) of Mongolian People's Republic from May 20, 1972 to June 29, 1972 following the death of Jamsrangiin Sambuu.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Jamsrangiin Sambuu
President of Mongolia (acting)
May 20, 1972 - June 29, 1972
Succeeded by
Sonomyn Luvsan