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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Tsang.
TSANG Yam-pui
Commissioner of Police
In office
2 January 2001 - 9 December 2003
Preceded by Eddie Hui
Succeeded by Dick Lee
Personal details
Born 1946 (age 70–71)
Hong Kong
Relations Tsang Wan (father)
Sir Donald Tsang (brother)

TSANG Yam-pui, GBS, OBE (simplified Chinese: 曾荫培; traditional Chinese: 曾蔭培; pinyin: Zēng Yīnpéi, born 1946) is the brother of Chief executive Donald Tsang. He was the Commissioner of Police of Hong Kong from January 2001 to December 2003.[1] Their high positions in the government has referred both of them as the "Two high officials".[2] His father was also a Hong Kong Police officer.



Ashley Tsang joined the Hong Kong Police in January 1966 as a Probationary Inspector.[1] From 1987 to 1989 he was in charge of the Narcotics bureau. From 1992 to 1994 he was headed the criminal law division, including the commander for Hong Kong island region.[3] In 1995 he was director of crime and security department. From 1996 to 1999 he was deputy commissioner of police.[3] In 2001, he became the HK Commissioner of Police and retired in 2003.[1]

Property director[edit]

In May 2004, he joined property firm NWS Holdings as part of New World Development as an executive director. Prior to his brother becoming Chief executive of Hong Kong, there were criticism in 2005 that Tsang Yam-pui moved from a position of highest trust (police commissioner) to an executive of a real estate firm, where the company's profit depend on the government's regulation.[1]


NWS deal issue[edit]

As early as June 2003, New World Development wanted to convert the Wan Chai Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre car park into a used car venue.[4] After Tsang Yam-pui became director, and Donald Tsang became chief executive, the demand by New World was approved. Both brothers denied any association to this deal. A NWS spokesman even had to come out to say they were not involved.[4]

Hair dye court case[edit]

As a commissioner, he engaged in a public dispute with a female senior inspector, Sharon Lim, who refused to remove highlights from her hair, which she had dyed since 1987. Tsang's rule of not allowing dyed hair in his police department went into effect in 2001.[5] Lim was one of four policewomen who kept their hair dyed, and the case had to be settled in court.[5]


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