Tsardom of Bulgaria

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Tsardom of Bulgaria
ц︢рьство бл︢гарское
Царство България
Flag of Bulgaria Medieval Coat of arms
God is with us
Богъ е с насъ  (Bulgarian)
"Maritsa Rushes"
Шуми Марица  (Bulgarian)

Royal anthem
"Anthem of His Majesty the Tsar"
Химнъ на Негово Величество Царя  (Bulgarian)

Bulgaria during the reign of tsar Simeon the Great, 10th century
Capital Preslav
Vidin & Nikopol
Languages Old Bulgarian
Middle Bulgarian
Modern Bulgarian
Religion Bulgarian Orthodox
Bulgarian Orthodox
Roman Catholic
Bulgarian Orthodox
Government Monarchy
 •  913–927 Simeon I (first)
 •  1943–1946 Simeon II (last)
Historical era Middle Ages / World War I / World War II
 •  Established 913
 •  Disestablished 1018
Today part of

The Tsardom of Bulgaria, was the name of the Bulgarian state from Simeon's assumption of the title of Tsar in 913 until the Fatherland Front's foundation of the People's Republic of Bulgaria in 1946.

It occurred in three distinct periods: between the 10th and 11th centuries, again between the 12th and 15th centuries, and again in the 20th century. The first and the second Bulgarian Tsardoms are not treated as separate entities, but rather as one state restored after a period of Byzantine rule over its territory. But the third Bulgarian Tsardom was restored after a period of more than four centuries of Ottoman rule, and the government principles of the Medieval period can not be applicable, so it was treated as separate state, which is just a successor of the Medieval Bulgarian Tsardoms.


The Tsardom of Bulgaria is a continuation of the Bulgarian state founded in 681, actually the First Bulgarian Empire and the Tsardom of Bulgaria are one state.