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Tsarichina is a village in western Bulgaria, located in Kostinbrod Municipality.

The Tsarichina Hole[edit]

The town became famous among the Paranormal community in the early 1990s and was even nicknamed, "Bulgaria's Area 51"[1] due to its famed Tsarichina Hole. The hole was dug by the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense, who excavated an area in the center of the village during a project which occurred from December 6, 1990 to November 19, 1992 initially in search of a purported hidden treasure of King Samuil. The project was abandoned after two years due to financial concerns and the hole sealed with concrete.[2]

A number of locals and foreign investigators reported the town had since become a hotspot for what they described as paranormal phenomenon starting as soon as the digging began. Many have reported seeing strange lights and some UFOlogists claimed to have been hit with a "beam of powerful light." over the course of their investigation. On top of that during the two year dig more than one local claimed to have heard voices from a paranormal entity they associated with the hole. Famed clairvoyant Baba Vanga was even cited as reporting that an unhuman entity exited in the hole during a visit to the village.

Conspiracy theorists speculation about the event ranged widely some citing rumors claiming the military excavated a triangular object of unknown origin. Many theorizing it was extraterrestrial or of protohuman origin.

The findings of a 2007 bTV documentary on the Tsarichina project, revealed that most of the military documents surrounding the event had disappeared from government archives or had been since destroyed.[citation needed]