Tsaritsyno District

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Tsaritsyno District
The grand palace in Tsaritsyno
Flag of Tsaritsyno District
Coat of arms of Tsaritsyno District
Coat of arms
Location of Tsaritsyno District on the map of Moscow
Coordinates: 55°36′57″N 37°40′16″E / 55.61583°N 37.67111°E / 55.61583; 37.67111
Federal subjectMoscow
 • Estimate 
Time zoneUTC+3 (MSK Edit this on Wikidata[2])
OKTMO ID45923000

Tsaritsyno (Russian: Царицыно, IPA: [tsɐˈrʲitsɨnə]) is a district within the Southern Administrative Okrug of Moscow. Area: 426,2 ha. Its current name is traced back to 1775. Previously, Tsaritsyno was known under several other names: the Chernogryaznaya Waste (from 1589), Chernaya Gryaz (before 1683/84 and from 1612), Bogorodskoye settlement (after 1684) and Lenino (September 28, 1918 – August 1991). Tsaritsyno hosts such landmarks as Tsaritsyno Palace and Arshinovskiy Forest Park.

In 1960, Lenino was incorporated into the Proletarsky District of Moscow and, in 1968, to Krasnogvardeysky District.

Coordinates: 55°37′12″N 37°39′56″E / 55.62000°N 37.66556°E / 55.62000; 37.66556

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