Tschaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 2 (ballet)

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Tschaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 2 is a ballet made by New York City Ballet's co-founder and founding choreographer George Balanchine for his earlier company, American Ballet Caravan, to eponymous music from 1879–80. The premiere took place on 29 May 1941 at Teatro Municipal, Rio de Janeiro, under the title Concerto No. 2; it was renamed Ballet Imperial before receiving its final title.

Tschaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 2 was first staged for New York City Ballet by Frederic Franklin on 15 October 1964 at the New York State Theater, Lincoln Center, and was re-choreographed by Balanchine for a 1973 premiere under its current title. Traditional tutus and scenery in the grand Russian style were used through the 1964 NYCB revival; from Balanchine's 1973 revision it has been danced with chiffon skirts designed by Karinska and without scenery. He said that the ballet is "a contemporary tribute to Petipa, 'the father of the classical ballet,' and to Tschaikovsky, his greatest composer." [1]



NYCB revivals[edit]

October 15, 1964, staged by Frederic Franklin[edit]

January 12, 1973, with costumes by Karinska[edit]

2008 Winter[edit]

first cast[edit]
second cast[edit]

2009 Fall tour to Japan[edit]

2010 Winter[edit]

first cast[edit]
second cast[edit]

other companies[edit]

Kirov Ballet, April 2008, New York City Center[edit]


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