Tsho Rolpa

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Tsho Rolpa
Cho Rolpa
Location of the lake in Nepal.
Location of the lake in Nepal.
Tsho Rolpa
LocationRolwaling Valley, Dolakha District,[1] Nepal
Coordinates27°52′N 86°28′E / 27.867°N 86.467°E / 27.867; 86.467Coordinates: 27°52′N 86°28′E / 27.867°N 86.467°E / 27.867; 86.467
Typeglacial lake
Max. length3.45 kilometres (2.14 mi)[1]
Max. width0.5 kilometres (0.31 mi)[1]
Surface area1.537 square kilometres (0.593 sq mi)[1]
Average depth55 metres (180 ft)
Max. depth270 metres (890 ft)
Water volume85,940,000 cubic metres (3.035×109 cu ft)[1]
Surface elevation4,580 metres (15,030 ft)

Tsho Rolpa (also Cho Rolpa) is one of the biggest glacial lakes in Nepal. The lake, which is located at an altitude of 4,580 metres (15,030 ft) in the Rolwaling Valley, Dolakha District, has grown considerably over the last 50 years due to glacial melting in the Himalayas.[2][1]


The lake threatens to burst through its unstable dam, which would threaten the lives and livestock of over 6000 villagers living around the Tamakoshi River.[2][3] In 2012, the UNDP reported that an early warning system installed by the authorities in the late 1990s, which became defunct through lack of maintenance, will be replaced by a more modern warning system for glacial floods from the lake.[4][3]


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