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The Tshogdu (Dzongkha: ཚོགས་འདུ་; Wylie: tshogs-'du; "(Bhutanese Grand National) Assembly") was the unicameral legislature of Bhutan until 31 July 2007. The legislature had a total of 150 members. Dasho Ugen Dorje was the last President of the Tshogdu, with Nima Tshering the Secretary-General.


The Tshogdu was originally composed of locally elected town representatives, religious representatives, and members nominated by the king, all of whom served a three-year term. At the time of its dissolution, there were 4 female and 146 male members.

e • d Summary of the composition of the Bhutan Tshogdu
Appointment method Seats
Members elected from village constituencies 106
Royally appointed members 10
Representatives of monk Body 10
Government appointed members 24
Total 150

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