Tshuapa River

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The Tshuapa River, in red

The Tshuapa or Ruka River is a river in DR Congo, a tributary to the great Congo River, about 1000 km long.[citation needed] The middle Tshuapa is navigable and about 150 m across. It flows northwest from Katako-Kombe town[citation needed] to XX cataracts,[clarification needed] then west to Mbandaka, where it merges with the Congo.

After the meandering Tshuapa merges with the Lomela just west of Boende, it is generally called the Busira, and after merging with the Momboyo a hundred kilometers upriver from Mbandaka, the name of the last stretch of the river changes to Ruki.


The river is navigable from Ikela. Heading downstream, transport stops at Bokungu, Boende, Bokuka, Ikembeli, Bomputu, Bokote, Monyieka, Loolo, Lisafa, Lotoko, Ingende, Enyala, Basoko, and Mbandaka, before continuing on the Congo to Kinshasa.

Coordinates: 0°20′50″S 20°47′20″E / 0.34722°S 20.78889°E / -0.34722; 20.78889