Tsing Kwai Highway

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Tsing Kwai Highway
Tsing Kwai Highway 青葵公路 s.jpg

Tsing Kwai Highway (Chinese: 青葵公路; pinyin: Qīngkuí Gōnglù; Cantonese Yale: ching1 kwai4 gung1 lou6) is a section of Route 3 in Hong Kong, previously known as Route 3 - Kwai Chung Section. From its junction with West Kowloon Highway at Mei Foo Roundabout, the expressway runs in the form of a 3 km dual-4 lane viaduct atop Kwai Chung Road and Kwai Tai Road, circumscribing the container terminals to reach the Rambler Channel. Then, the highway crosses the channel along a 500 m bridge known as Cheung Tsing Bridge (or Rambler Channel Bridge), and ends at its junction with the Cheung Ching Tunnel. Tsing Kwai Highway was opened on 19 February 1997.

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Coordinates: 22°20′31″N 114°07′38″E / 22.3419°N 114.1272°E / 22.3419; 114.1272

Preceded by
West Kowloon Highway
Hong Kong Route 3
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Tsing Kwai Highway
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Cheung Tsing Highway