Tsing Long Highway

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Route 3

Tsing Long Highway
Part of Route 3
Map of Tsing Long Highway
Route information
Maintained by Highways Department
Length12.5 km (7.8 mi)
Major junctions
South endTsing Yi North
HK Route8.svg Route 8 at Tsing Yi
HK Route9.svg Route 9 at Au Tau and Ting Kau
North endKam Tin (near Au Tau)
Highway system
Hong Kong Strategic Route and Exit Number System
Tsing Long Highway at Ting Kau Bridge

Tsing Long Highway (Chinese: 青朗公路; pinyin: Qīnglǎng Gōnglù; Cantonese Yale: ching1 long5 gung1 lou6) is an expressway of Route 3 from North West Tsing Yi Interchange on Tsing Yi Island to Yuen Long, in Hong Kong. Ting Kau Bridge and Tai Lam Tunnel are part of the expressway. It connects with Cheung Tsing Highway and Lantau Link at its southern end, and San Tin Highway and Yuen Long Highway at its northern end. Its speed limit at parts south of Tai Lam Tunnel and Tai Lam Tunnel is 80 km/h and parts north of Tai Lam Tunnel is 100 km/h.

There are no intermediate exits on the southbound carriageway of Tsing Long Highway on the north of Tai Lam Tunnel, so this entire section is a toll road.


Tsing Long Highway HK Route3.svg
Southbound exits Exit number Northbound exits
HK Route3.svg continues as Cheung Tsing Highway
End Tsing Long Highway HK Route3.svg Start Tsing Long Highway HK Route3.svg
Lantau, Tsing Yi
Lantau Link HK Route8.svg, Tsing Yi North Coastal Road
5 see Cheung Tsing Highway
Ting Kau Bridge
Sham Tseng, Tsing Long Tau and Tuen Mun
Tuen Mun Road HK Route9.svg
Tsuen Wan, Sha Tin and Kwai Chung
Tuen Mun Road HK Route9.svg
Tai Lam Tunnel
no exit 6A Pat Heung, Shek Kong
Pak Heung Road
no exit 6B Kam Tin, Au Tau
Kam Tin Road
Start Tsing Long Highway HK Route3.svg End Tsing Long Highway HK Route3.svg
End of Route 3
intersects with Yuen Long Highway HK Route9.svg and San Tin Highway HK Route9.svg

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Coordinates: 22°22′25″N 114°04′13″E / 22.3735°N 114.0703°E / 22.3735; 114.0703

Preceded by
Cheung Tsing Highway
Hong Kong Route 3
HK Route3.svg
Tsing Long Highway
Succeeded by
Northern Terminus