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Panoramic photograph of Tsing Lung Tau

Tsing Lung Tau (Chinese: 青龍頭; literally: "Head of the green dragon") is a built-up area in the southwest coast of the New Territories in Hong Kong.


Tsing Lung Tau is located on the southwest coast of the New Territories in Hong Kong, between Sham Tseng and Tai Lam; west from Tsuen Wan and east of Tuen Mun. Tsing Lung Tau is west of the adjoining area of Sham Tseng, which is a little bit larger. The coast of Tsing Lung Tau once was a long beaches with one named Dragon Beach (青龍灣) and some tiny farmlands, however, it was reclaimed by the HKSAR Government for the widening of the Castle Peak Road in 2006.[citation needed]


The three blocks of "The Top", part of Hong Kong Garden, were completed in 2002.

There are three villages in Tsing Lung Tau: Tsing Lung Tau Village (青龍頭村), Tsing Lung Tau New Village (青龍頭新村) and Yuen Tun Village (圓墩村), with many villa-style developments.

The main private housing estates of the area are:

Built heritage[edit]


Tsing Lung Tau Ferry Pier

Castle Peak Road, the only major artery to Tsing Lung Tau, provides access to Tuen Mun (to the west) and Tsuen Wan (to the east).

Tsing Lung Tau Ferry Pier (青龍頭碼頭) is located near the junction of Lung Yue Road and Castle Peak Road.[2] A former ferry service linking Tsing Lung Tau to Yam O has been suspended.

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Coordinates: 22°21′45″N 114°02′46″E / 22.36250°N 114.04611°E / 22.36250; 114.04611