Tsing Yi Town

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Tsing Yi Town
Traditional Chinese 青衣市

Tsing Yi Town (Chinese: 青衣市) is located on the eastern coast of Tsing Yi Island, Hong Kong and is part of the Tsuen Wan New Town. It is based on the Tsing Yi Hui in the past and includes all the flat land surrounding, including the reclaimed land from Tsing Yi Lagoon.

The urban development of the northern part of the town was relatively late (mid-1980s to 2000s) comparing to Cheung Ching Estate and Cheung Hong Estate in the south hilly area (mid-1970s to mid-1980s).[citation needed]

The Tsing Yi Town Clinic and the Tsing Yi Complex are located in this town. The office of the Tsing Yi Rural Committee is on its edge.

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