Tsiv-Gombori Range

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Gombori in khirsa.JPG
View of Tsiv-Gombori mountains from Khirsa village
Highest point
Peak Mt. Tsivi
Elevation 1,990 m (6,530 ft)
Coordinates 41°47′59″N 45°22′4″E / 41.79972°N 45.36778°E / 41.79972; 45.36778Coordinates: 41°47′59″N 45°22′4″E / 41.79972°N 45.36778°E / 41.79972; 45.36778
Length 107 km (66 mi)
Country Georgia
Parent range Greater Caucasus

The Tsiv-Gombori (Georgian: ცივ-გომბორის ქედი) or Gombori (გომბორი) is a mountain range in the Georgian section of Greater Caucasus mountains. It is located in the province of Kakheti, eastern Georgia, and stretches to the distance of 107 km, with the highest mountain being at 1.991 m above sea level.

The Gombori range serves as a watershed, separating the Alazani and Iori river valleys, thereby dividing Kakheti into two traditional regions: inner (Shida) and outer (Gare). The slopes of the range are traversed by several smaller river gorges. The Alazani passes through the mountain range affecting the overall climatic conditions in the region.[1] Mariamjvari Nature Reserve is located in the southern side of the range. Both northern and southern slopes are home to pine forests.[2]

Tsiv-Gombori has been mentioned in media reports as a possible location for the US radar station for anti-ballistic missile systems which could provide surveillance of activities in Iran and up to the territory of India.[3]

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