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Tskhenistsqali valley near Mami.JPG
Tskhenistsqali valley in Lower Svaneti
Native name ცხენისწყალი
Country Georgia
Physical characteristics
Main source Caucasus Major
River mouth Rioni River 
42°07′31″N 42°17′56″E / 42.1252°N 42.2989°E / 42.1252; 42.2989Coordinates: 42°07′31″N 42°17′56″E / 42.1252°N 42.2989°E / 42.1252; 42.2989
Length 184 km (114 mi)
Tskhenistsqali river (in red) on the map of Georgia.

Tskhenistsqali (Georgian: ცხენისწყალი, Cxenisċqali) is a river in northern Georgia. Its source is in the main range of the Caucasus Mountains, in the easternmost part of the Lentekhi District, lower Svaneti. A tributary of the river Rioni, its length is 184 kilometres (114 mi).[1] It flows through the small towns Lentekhi and Tsageri and joins the Rioni near the town of Samtredia.


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