Tsu Station

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Tsu Station
Tsu Station east exit
Location 1191-1 Hadokoro-cho, Tsu, Mie
Operated by
Other information
Station code 12 (Ise Railway)
Opened 1891
Passengers (FY2010) 3354 (JR)
14,845 (Kintetsu)
1705 (Ise Railway) daily
Station name in hiragana (), kanji (津) and rōmaji (Tsu)

Tsu Station (津駅, Tsu-eki) is a joint use railway station in Tsu, Mie Prefecture, operated by Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central), Kintetsu and the Ise Railway. The station is 34.6 rail kilometres from the terminus of the line at Kameyama Station and 8.4 rail kilometres from the terminus of the Kintetestu Yamada Line at Ise-Nakagawa Station. The name of the station is considered the shortest in Japan because it is the only station name that is written with one kana, even though other stations have shorter names when written in Latin letters, such as Oe Station.


Tsu Station opened on November 4, 1891, as a station on the Tsu spur line of the privately owned Kansai Railway. The line was nationalized on October 1, 1907, becoming the Sangu Line of the Japanese Government Railways (JGR) on October 12, 1909. On April 3, 1932, the Sangu Express Electric Railway began operations at Tsu Station. This line underwent various changes in ownership, eventually becoming the Kintetsu Nagoya Line in 1944. The station was transferred to the control of the Japan National Railways (JNR) Kisei Main Line on July 15, 1959. The JNR Ise Line began operations on September 1, 1973. The station was absorbed into the JR Central network upon the privatization of the (JNR) on April 1, 1987, with the Ise Line spun off to the private sector a few days earlier.


Station layout[edit]

Tsu Station has four ground-level platforms serving six tracks, connected by pedestrian overpasses. The JR uses one island platform and one side platform and the Kintetsu portion has one island platform. The Ise Railway uses a single bay platform.


1  Ise Railway Ise Line local trains for Yokkaichi
2  JR Central Kisei Line local trains, rapid " Mie" and limited express "Nanki" for Matsusaka, Shingu and Iseshi
3  JR Central Kisei Line local trains for Kameyama
 through to the Ise Railway Ise Line rapid " Mie" and limited express "Nanki" for Yokkaichi and Nagoya
4  JR Central Kisei Line local trains for Kameyama (siding)
local trains for Matsusaka, Shingu and Iseshi (siding)
5  Kintetsu Nagoya Line for Ise-Nakagawa, Osaka, Kobe, Toba and Kashikojima
6  Kintetsu Nagoya Line for Yokkaichi, Kuwana and Nagoya

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
JR Central Kisei Main Line
Ishinden   Local   Akogi
Ise Railway   Rapid "Mie"   Matsusaka
Ise Railway   Limited express "Nanki"   Matsusaka
Kintetsu Nagoya Line
Edobashi   Local   Tsu-shimmachi
Edobashi   Express   Tsu-shimmachi
Shiroko   Limited express   (Hisai)
Nabari (Osaka Line)
Kintetsu Nagoya   Limited express
(no stops between Nagoya and Tsu)
  Iseshi (Yamada Line)
(Yamato-Yagi (Osaka Line))
Tsuruhashi (Osaka Line)
Limited express "Shimakaze": Does not stop at this station
Ise Railway Ise Line (12)
Higashi-Ishinden (11)   Local   Terminus
Suzuka Circuit Ino (6) (during racing events at Suzuka Circuit)
Suzuka (4)
  Rapid "Mie" (usually)   Matsusaka (Kisei Line)
Nakaseko (8)   Rapid "Mie" 4, 6 for Nagoya   Matsusaka (Kisei Line)
Suzuka Circuit Ino (6) (during Formula 1 Japanese GP)
Suzuka (4)
  Limited express "Nanki"   Matsusaka (Kisei Line)

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Coordinates: 34°44′2.35″N 136°30′36.84″E / 34.7339861°N 136.5102333°E / 34.7339861; 136.5102333