Tsuchiya Masanao

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In this Japanese name, the family name is Tsuchiya.

Tsuchiya Masanao (土屋 政直?, March 16, 1641 – December 23, 1722), was a daimyo in Japan during the Edo period.[1] Masanao's daimyō family was descended from Minamoto Yasuuji (Seiwa-Genji). The descendants of Tsuchiya (1585–1612) lived successively at Kururi in Kazusa province; after 1669 at Tsuchiura in Hitachi province; after 1681 at Tanaka in Suruga province; and then, after 1688, again at Tsuchiura in Hitachi.[2]

He was the Tokugawa shogunate's Kyoto shoshidai in the period spanning October 19, 1686 through November 17, 1687.[1]


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