Tsuen Wan Pier

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Tsuen Wan Pier

Tsuen Wan Pier, Tsuen Wan Ferry or Tsuen Wan Ferry Pier (Chinese: 荃灣碼頭) is a public pier at the south of Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong, which is adjacent to the MTR Tsuen Wan West Station.[1] It provided ferry service to Central via Tsing Yi, but the service ceased operation in 2000 after Western Harbour Tunnel and MTR Tung Chung Line were commissioned to provide faster route between New Territories West and Hong Kong Island.[2]


The pier has been developed over four cycles.

Its first generation commenced in 1935, but it was destroyed by the Imperial Japanese Army in 1942 during Japanese occupation of Hong Kong.

Its second generation commenced in 1958 and was located near modern-day Nina Tower on Yeung Uk Road. It was demolished in 1983 due to reclamation for the construction of Tsuen Wan Road and Clague Garden Estate.

Its third generation, located at reclamation area outside Tsuen Wan Road, commenced in 1983, together with Tsuen Wan Transport Complex and Tsuen Wan Ferry Bus Terminus. It provided four ferry routes, Tsuen Wan to Tsing Yi, Tsuen Wan to Central, Tsuen Wan to Central via Tsing Yi and Tsuen Wan to Tai O ferry services. But it was demolished in 2000 due to the reclamation for the construction of Tsuen Wan West Station. The ferry routes also ceased operation.

Its fourth generation, i.e. the current pier, commenced in 2002 and is located at reclamation area outside Tsuen Wan West Station.[3]

A ferry route travelling between the pier and Park Island, a private housing estate in Ma Wan, was operated during 10 years by Park Island Transport Company Limited. It was discontinued on 13 December 2012.[4][5]


Two bus terminus and one minibus terminus are located at nearby Nina Tower, Tsuen Wan West Station and Tsuen Wan Transport Complex respectively. Also, Hong Kong Immigration Department Tsuen Wan branch office (relocated to Waterside Plaza in 1999[6] and closed in 2003[7]) and a driving school (relocated to Kwun Tong Pier in 2006[8]) were located at Tsuen Wan Transport Complex.


Coordinates: 22°22′01″N 114°06′37″E / 22.3669°N 114.1102°E / 22.3669; 114.1102