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Tsuji (, Tsuji) is a Japanese surname meaning "crossroads". Notable people with the surname include:


  • Ayano Tsuji (born 1978), a Japanese pop singer
  • Ayumi Tsuji (born 1984), a Japanese voice actress from Ehime Prefecture
  • Hitonari Tsuji (born 1959), a Japanese novelist, composer, and film director (also known as Jinsei Tsuji)
  • Jun Tsuji (1884–1944), a Japanese poet, essayist, and playwright
  • Kazuhiro Tsuji (辻 一弘), Japanese special effects make-up artist
  • Kunio Tsuji (1925–1999), a Japanese novelist and scholar of French literature
  • Masaki Tsuji (born 1932), a Japanese anime scenario writer and mystery novelist
  • Nozomi Tsuji (born 1987), a Japanese pop singer
  • Shion Tsuji (born 1990), a Japanese singer-songwriter best known for her song "Sky Chord (Otona ni Naru Kimi e)"