Tsukisamu Dome

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Tsukisamu Dome
Former names Tsukisamu Green Dome
Location Sapporo, Japan
Owner City of Sapporo
Operator Hokkaido Sports Culture Association
Capacity 5,831
Opened 1972
Closed 2016[1]

Tsukisamu Dome (月寒ドーム) was an indoor sporting arena located in Toyohira-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. The full capacity of the arena was 5,831.


This facility was used for car exhibitions and sales, concerts, sports events, and as a convention center.

The Tsukisamu Dome was closed in 2016, because of the increasing cost of maintenance of this aging facility.



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Coordinates: 43°1′38.90″N 141°24′44.95″E / 43.0274722°N 141.4124861°E / 43.0274722; 141.4124861