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Tsukushi may refer to:


  • Tsukushi Province, old Japanese province, subsequently divided into
    • Chikuzen Province, old Japanese province, part of Fukuoka Prefecture without south and east Fukuoka
    • Chikugo Province, old Japanese province, the southern part of Fukuoka Prefecture, on Kyūshū
  • Kyushu, island of Japan, archaically called "Tsukushi-no-shima"



  • Japanese cruiser Tsukushi, a 1880 early unprotected cruiser, serving in the fledgling Imperial Japanese Navy. Its name is a traditional name for Kyūshū island. Its sister ships Chaoyong and Yangwei were acquired by the Chinese Beiyang Fleet
  • Spores or strobili, of equisetum, used in Japanese cuisine