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Tsulukidze family coat of arms.

The Tsulukidze (Georgian: წულუკიძე) are a Georgian noble family, known in the western part of the country since 1451.[1] According to a traditional account, they were elevated to a princely dignity (tavadi) by King George III of Imereti in 1605.[2]

Under the western Georgian kings of Imereti, the Tsulukidze served as Constables of Lower Imereti and had a fiefdom in Racha, with a familial burial ground at the Nikortsminda Cathedral. The Tsulukidze were involved in a series of civil wars which plagued Imereti until the eventual annexation by the Russian Empire in 1810. The family was confirmed as princes (knyaz) of the Russian Empire in 1850.[1][3]

The Tsulukidze family produced several notable political and military leaders from the 17th century into the 20th, including General Varden Tsulukidze and the Marxist revolutionary Alexander Tsulukidze.


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