Tsuyoshi Ikeda

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Tsuyoshi Ikeda
池田 剛
Ikeda at 2009 Worlds with his trademark hat
Residence Fukuoka, Japan[1]
Nationality Japanese
Pro Tour debut 1998 Pro Tour New York
Winnings US$81,334[2]
Pro Tour wins (Top 8) 0 (4)[3]
Grand Prix wins (Top 8) 1 (6)[4]
Lifetime Pro Points 313[1]
Planeswalker Level 47 (Archmage)

Tsuyoshi Ikeda (池田 剛) is a Japanese Magic: The Gathering player. His success include four top eights at the Pro Tour level, and six on the Grand Prix level, including one win. He is ranked 12th on lifetime pro points.[5]


Tsuyoshi Ikeda began his Pro Tour career at Pro Tour New York in 1998. Over the next two seasons, he qualified for the occasional Pro Tour, but without much success. It wasn't until 2000 that Ikeda began to enjoy success in professional Magic. He finished fourth at Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur and played most of the Pro Tours that season. His success continued over the years that followed, with Ikeda making the top eight of one premier event each season from 2000-01 and 2005.

His breakout performance on the Pro Tour came at Pro Tour Yokohama in 2003. Ikeda made the top eight, and finished third, losing to countryman Masashi Oiso in the semifinals.[6] The following season, Ikeda reached the finals of the team Pro Tour in Seattle. Alongside teammates Itaru Ishida and Jin Okomoto, Ikeda lost the finals to von Dutch, consisting of Jelger Wiegersma, Kamiel Cornelissen, and Jeroen Remie.[7]

After 2005, Ikeda took a break from the game, only to come back in 2008 better than ever. After having top eighted two Grand Prix that season, Ikeda made his third Pro Tour top eight at the World Championship in Memphis, Tennessee. A semifinal loss to Jamie Parke saw him finish third.[8]

Ikeda's renewed success continued through 2009. Ikeda won a premier level event for the first time that season at Grand Prix Niigata. To follow up on his win, Ikeda made another top eight at Pro Tour Austin. Like in Seattle five years earlier, Ikeda lost the finals again, this time to Brian Kibler.[9]


 Season   Event type   Location  Format Date  Rank 
1999–00 Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur Extended 3–5 March 2000 4
1999–00 Nationals Tokyo Special 27–28 May 2000 4
2000–01 Grand Prix Yokohama Team Limited 12–13 May 2001 4
2002–03 Pro Tour Yokohama Booster Draft 9–11 May 2003 3
2003–04 Pro Tour Seattle Team Limited 9–11 July 2004 2
2005 Grand Prix Osaka Team Limited 8–9 January 2005 2
2008 Grand Prix Yokohama Block Constructed 2–3 August 2008 8
2008 Grand Prix Okayama Sealed and Booster Draft 22–23 November 2008 4
2008 Worlds Memphis Special 11–14 December 2008 3
2009 Grand Prix Niigata Sealed and Booster Draft 29–30 August 2009 1
2009 Pro Tour Austin Extended and Booster Draft 16–18 October 2009 2
2010 Nationals Kyoto Standard and Booster Draft 2–4 July 2010 2

Last updated: 18 October 2009
Source: Wizards.com


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