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Tswana Dancers 3

The Tswana are an African ethnic group, mostly resident in South Africa. A minority of this group is found in Botswana and forms the major ethnic group there. Tswana music is unusual in its lack of drumming, and is heavily reliant on string instruments and singing.

Some of the instruments used include the segaba and setinkane. The segaba is more like a violin, in the design, but uses only one string hooked to a tin. The setinkane is made with varying forks, and played more like a keyboard.

During the colonial era, Tswana folk music was discouraged because it was considered a hindrance in the proper development of the region and people. Since independence for Botswana, folk music has been revived, though still the most popular music is from elsewhere in Africa (especially South Africa), United States and Europe.

Mant current music groups in Botswana are performing Tswana music and dance, such as Culture spears, Matsieng, Mokorwana [1], Ditaola, Mokorwana, Makhirikhiri [2] and many others groups (all theses videos can been watched in YouTube).