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Allocation of Land to bantustans according to the Odendaal Plan. Tswanaland is the rectangle in eastern central South West Africa

Tswanaland was a bantustan in South West Africa (present-day Namibia), in the far central eastern area of the territory around the village of Aminuis. It was intended by the apartheid government to be a self-governing homeland for the Tswana people. Unlike all other homelands, it was never implemented that way. The Ovaherero were allowed to stay in the area, and the Tswana remained a minority.[1] Tswanaland nevertheless got an ethnic Tswana, Constance Kgosiemang, as political leader between 1980 and 1989.[2]

Tswanaland and all other homelands in South West Africa were abolished in May 1989 at the start of the transition to independence.

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