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Korean meat dish ddeokgalbi 01.jpg
Alternative names Grilled short rib patties
Place of origin Korea
Cookbook: Tteok-galbi  Media: Tteok-galbi
Korean name
Hangul 떡갈비
Revised Romanization tteok-galbi
McCune–Reischauer ttŏk-kalbi
IPA [t͈ʌk̚.k͈]

Tteok-galbi[1] (떡갈비) or grilled short rib patties[1] is a type of Korean food made from galbi, or short ribs. It is believed to originate in Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do or Songjeong-ri, Gwangju, South Korea.[2] Currently, it can be found all over Korea. It is made by shaping a mixture of beef and pork into a rectangular appearance then grilled on charcoal. The reason pork and beef are mixed is that beef alone is too dry, so pork is added to make it more fatty. The leftover rib bones are sometimes boiled to make broth.[3]

“Galbi” means Short Ribs in Korean, and “tteok” means Rice Cake, and it was given this name because the process of cutting, marinating, and shaping the meat is similar to the process of making a rice cake. The final dish is also soft and tender, much like a rice cake in texture.[4]

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