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Type Soft drink
Manufacturer Los Portales SA
Distributor Ciego Montero
Country of origin Cuba
Introduced 1980s
Colour Caramel color e-950
Flavour Cola
Variants tuKola Light (tuKola Dietética)
Related products Refresco Naranja (Orange soda), Refresco Gaseosa (Lime Soda), Refresco Piñita (Pineapple Soda), Refresco Mate, Agua Tónica (Soda Water)
Website http://www.losportales.cu/productos

tuKola is a cola brand produced and marketed in Cuba by the Los Portales SA (a joint venture with Nestle Group) at their facilities in Guane, Pinar del Rio since the 1980s (then made by Empresa de Bebidas y Licores de Pinar del Río).[1]

The drink is available in many resorts catering to foreign tourist and cheaper than import Coca-Cola products. TuKola has been exported outside of Cuba by third parties and sold online from suppliers mainly in Miami, Florida.

Product Lines[edit]

The cola is either sold as 355mL cans, 330mL bottles or 1.5L plastic bottles.[2]


  • 2002 Expocaribe Award - Tukola Dietética[3]
  • 2001 XIX Fihav Award - Tukola Dietética[4]

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