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TUTO Hockey
TuTo Hockey logo.svg
City Finland Turku, Finland
League Mestis
Founded 1929 Turun Toverit
1988 TuTo Hockey
Home arena Kupittaan jäähalli (capacity 3,000)
Owner(s) Finland TuTo Hockey Oy
General manager Finland Timo Kinnunen
Head coach Finland Ismo Lehkonen
Captain Finland Antti Virtanen
Website http://www.tutohockey.fi/

TUTO Hockey (Turun Toverit) is a Finnish ice hockey team based at the Kupittaan jäähalli (capacity 3000, inauguration on November 2006). Established in 1929, TuTo plays in Turku, Finland, and is one of two clubs in that city (the other being TPS of Liiga). The Full name of the club is TUTO Hockey. They play in the second highest ice hockey league in Finland, Mestis, having been relegated out of SM-liiga in 1996 (four years before Liiga closed its promotion/relegation system).

Current Roster[edit]

Updated December 16, 2013[1][2]

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
55 Finland Hämäläinen, OskariOskari Hämäläinen D L 23 2013 Turku, Finland
23 Finland Hakulinen, AnreiAnrei Hakulinen C L 27 2008 Turku, Finland
14 Finland Heinimäki, Olli-PekkaOlli-Pekka Heinimäki F L 26 2013 Ulvila, Finland
29 Finland Honka, JuusoJuuso Honka LW L 27 2013 Turku, Finland
44 Finland Jortikka, MikkoMikko Jortikka D L 32 2013 Seinäjoki, Finland
82 Finland Keinänen, AkiAki Keinänen RW R 33 2005 Kuopio, Finland
56 Finland Kokkonen, AntonAnton Kokkonen C L 27 2012 Turku, Finland
18 Finland Koski, EetuEetu Koski (L) C L 24 2013 Uusikaupunki, Finland
77 Finland Kuusisto, MatiasMatias Kuusisto D L 27 2013 Pori, Finland
46 Finland Lehtonen, MikkoMikko Lehtonen D L 23 2013 Turku, Finland
17 Finland Mäkinen, MarkusMarkus Mäkinen F L 29 2011 Turku, Finland
5 Finland Manelius, NicoNico Manelius (A) D L 26 2013 Vantaa, Finland
35 Finland Meriläinen, KimmoKimmo Meriläinen G L 24 2012 Kajaani, Finland
81 Finland Palonen, NikoNiko Palonen LW R 28 2013 Pori, Finland
8 Finland Pulliainen, TuukkaTuukka Pulliainen C L 32 2012 Turku, Finland
41 Finland Pusa, AnttiAntti Pusa RW L 28 2012 Käppäselkä, Russia
65 Finland Rautajoki, Juha-MattiJuha-Matti Rautajoki F L 27 2013 Rovaniemi, Finland
2 United States Ruikka, RyanRyan Ruikka D R 29 2013 Chelsea, Michigan, United States
4 Finland Ruotsalainen, HenriHenri Ruotsalainen C L 24 2013 Porvoo, Finland
27 Finland Rutanen, AleksiAleksi Rutanen (L) RW L 22 2013 Espoo, Finland
12 Finland Salmivirta, MikaelMikael Salmivirta (A) C L 25 2013 Helsinki, Finland
64 Finland Torikka, VilleVille Torikka D L 23 2011 Turku, Finland
11 Finland Vainiola, Ville-VesaVille-Vesa Vainiola C L 32 2011 Rauma, Finland
3 Finland Vidgren, TonyTony Vidgren D L 27 2012 Turku, Finland
71 Finland Viirlas, RoniRoni Viirlas (L) D L 24 2013 Turku, Finland
42 Finland Virtanen, AnttiAntti Virtanen (C) RW L 40 2011 Turku, Finland
19 Finland Virtanen, TommiTommi Virtanen G L 28 2009 Turku, Finland

Team Officials[edit]

Updated December 16, 2013[3]

Title Staff Member
General Manager Timo Kinnunen
Team Manager & Director of Player Personnel Elmo Aittola
Head Coach Ismo Lehkonen
Coach Elmo Aittola
Assistant Coach Hermanni Vidman


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