Tuamotuan language

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Reo Pa‘umotu
Reko Pa‘umotu
Native to French Polynesia
Region the Tuamotus, Tahiti
Ethnicity 15,600 (2007 census?)[1]
Native speakers
4,000 in Tuamotu (2007 census)[2]
many additional speakers in Tahiti[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 pmt
Glottolog tuam1242[3]

Tuamotuan, Pa‘umotu or Paumotu (Paumotu: Re‘o Pa‘umotu or Reko Pa‘umotu) is a Polynesian language spoken by 4,000 people in the Tuamotu archipelago, with an additional 2,000 speakers in Tahiti.[citation needed]


Paumotu has seven dialects or linguistic areas: covering Parata, Vahitu, Maraga, Fagatau, Tapuhoe, Napuka and Mihiro.[4][5]

Pa‘umotu is closely related to the languages of eastern Polynesian including Hawaiian, Māori, Cook Islands Māori and Rapa Nui, the language of Easter Island.[citation needed]



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