Tuancheng Fortress

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The north gate into the fortress
Diaolou structure within Tuan Cheng Fortress

The Tuancheng Fortress or Tuan Cheng Fortress (Chineset 團城演武廳, s 团城演武厅, p Tuánchéng Yǎnwǔtīng, lit. "Round Wall Fortress"[1]) is a historic 18th-century fortress located near the Fragrant Hills in the Haidian District of Beijing, China.[2][3] Today, the fortress is a national museum and is also known as the Tuancheng Exhibition Hall.

The fortress was built in the 14th year of the Qianlong Emperor's reign (AD 1749). Tuancheng was a castellated military training compound used by the Qing to train, inspect, and honor their troops.[2]

The site is especially well preserved.[2] Today, the fortress frequently holds large-scale martial arts events and attracts fans from all around China.[2]


  1. ^ Other Chinese nicknames include Jianruiying Yǎnwǔtīng (t 健銳營演武廳, s 健锐营演武厅) and "Little Round Wall" (t 小團城, s 小团城, p Xiǎo Tuánchéng)
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