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Tuanku Bainun
Raja Permaisuri of Perak
Raja Permaisuri Agong
Tenure 26 April 1989 – 25 April 1994
Installation 18 September 1989
Predecessor Tunku Puan Zanariah
Successor Tuanku Najihah
Raja Permaisuri of Perak
Tenure 3 February 1984 – 28 May 2014
Installation 9 December 1985
Successor Zara Salim Davidson
Born (1933-11-07)7 November 1933 (age &&&&&&&&&&03030282 years)
Penang, Malaya
Spouse Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Yussuf Izzuddin Shah Ghafarullahu-lah (m. 1955-2014)
Issue Nazrin Shah of Perak
Raja Azureen
Raja Ashman Shah
Raja Eleena
Raja Yong Sofia
Religion Sunni Islam

Tuanku Bainun (Bainun binti Mohd Ali; born 7 November 1933) is the former Raja Permaisuri of Perak the (Queen) Malaysian state of Perak. She was also the ninth Raja Permaisuri Agong (Queen) of Malaysia, the first commoner to be installed as Queen. She is the widow of Sultan Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah and the mother of the incumbent Sultan Nazrin Shah. She is now styled as Yang Maha Mulia Raja Permaisuri Tuanku Bainun.


Tuanku Bainun was born on the 7th of November 1933 in Penang, Malaysia and received her early education at the St. George’s Girls School, Penang. She was selected to further her studies at the prestigious Teacher’s Training College, Kirkby, England from 1952 to 1954.

A year after returning from England, she married Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Yussuf Izzuddin Shah Ghafarullahu-lah of Perak in 1955. The Sultan was then a Magistrate in Kuala Lumpur, while Tuanku Bainun was teaching at her former school. She has taught in various schools in Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Raub, Taiping and Kuantan.

Queen consort[edit]

Upon her husband's accession to the Perak throne in 1984, she became Raja Permaisuri of Perak with the title of Tuanku. In Perak, Queens of royal blood are known as Raja Perempuan, while the title of Raja Permaisuri was reserved for commoner consorts. Her Royal Highness was officially proclaimed the Raja Permaisuri Perak Darul Ridzuan on February 19, 1988 in a historic ceremony at Istana Kinta in Ipoh.

Sultan Azlan Shah was selected as the ninth Yang di-Pertuan Agong and during the Oath Taking and Signing Ceremony on April 26, 1989, Tuanku Bainun was proclaimed Raja Permaisuri Agong. Tuanku Bainun is the first commoner ever to become Queen of Malaysia. Interestingly she was crowned Raja Permaisuri Agong on a new throne made of silver that replaced the ancient wooden throne used by Malaysia's eight previous Queens of royal blood, adding another first to her crown. They held these titles until the end of Azlan Shah's term on April 25, 1994.

She ceased to be Raja Permaisuri on May 28, 2014, after her husband died. She was successed a month later by her daughter in-law, Tuanku Zara Salim.

Royal family[edit]

The royal couple had five children, two princes and three princesses. The eldest is Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah, the current Sultan of Perak. The others are Raja Dato’ Seri Azureen Binti Almarhum Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah, Raja Dato’ Seri Ashman Shah Ibni Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah, Raja Dato' Seri Eleena Binti Almarhum Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah and Raja Dato' Seri Yong Sofia Binti Almarhum Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah.[1]

Titles and styles[edit]

Styles of
Tuanku Bainun
Reference style Her Royal Highness
Spoken style Your Royal Highness
Alternative style Maam
  • 12 November 1982 – 30 June 1983: The Most Felicitous (Yang Amat Berbahagia) Toh Puan Datin Seri Bainun binti Mohd Ali
  • 1 July 1983 – 3 February 1984: Her Royal Highness (Duli Yang Teramat Mulia) Tuanku Bainun binti Mohd Ali, The Raja Puan Besar of Perak
  • 3 February 1984 – 24 April 1989: Her Royal Highness (Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia) Tuanku Bainun binti Mohd Ali, The Raja Permaisuri of Perak
  • 25 April 1989 – 26 April 1994: Her Majesty (Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda) Tuanku Bainun binti Mohd Ali, The 9th Raja Permaisuri Agong of Malaysia
  • 27 April 1994 – 28 May 2014: Her Royal Highness (Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia) Tuanku Bainun binti Mohd Ali, The Raja Permaisuri of Perak
  • 29 May 2014 - Present: Her Royal Highness (Yang Maha Mulia) Raja Permaisuri Tuanku Bainun, The Dowager Raja Permaisuri of Perak


She was awarded:[2]

Honours of Perak[edit]

Certificert PEA Raja Bungsu Pemangku Raja Saiful Baharin Ali ibnu Raja Azlan Muizudin Shah first ofisser Parc Aviations

Honours of Malaysia[edit]

Foreign Honours[edit]

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Tengku Zanariah
(Sultanah of Johor)
Raja Permaisuri Agong
(Queen of Malaysia)
Succeeded by
Tunku Najihah
(Tunku Ampuan of Negeri Sembilan)