Tuba River

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Coordinates: 53°57′0″N 91°41′0″E / 53.95000°N 91.68333°E / 53.95000; 91.68333

The Tuba at its confluence with the Krasnoyarsk Reservoir

The Tuba (Russian: Туба́) is a river in Krasnoyarsk Krai in Siberia in Russia. It is formed by the confluence of Kazyr (Казыр) and Amyl (Амы́л) and is a right tributary of the Yenisei River.

The length of the river proper is 119 kilometres (74 mi) or 507 kilometres (315 mi) from the headwaters of the Kazyr in the Eastern Sayan Mountains in the Minusinsk Hollow. The area of its basin, which includes more than a thousand lakes, is 36,900 square kilometres (14,200 sq mi).

The Tuba flows into the Krasnoyarsk Reservoir so that the mouth of the Tuba is actually part of the reservoir.

The river is navigable at high water to 99 kilometres (62 mi) from its mouth, but it freezes sometime from late October to early December and thaws from April to early May.

There two,or sometimes considered three, road bridges and a railway bridge constructed over the Tuba.

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