Tube Slider

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Tube Slider
Cover art
Cover art
Developer(s) Nd Cube
Publisher(s) NEC Interchannel
Director(s) Jun Uriu
Manabu Washio
Producer(s) Masayuki Akahori
Designer(s) Kenji Nomura
Programmer(s) Jun Uriu
Composer(s) Mitsuteru Furukawa
Platform(s) GameCube
  • NA: April 17, 2003
  • JP: Canceled
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
(up to 4 players)

Tube Slider is a futuristic racing game released exclusively in North America by NEC and developed by Nd Cube for the Nintendo GameCube on April 17, 2003. A Japanese release of this game was planned but was canceled for unknown reasons.


The main objective is to pilot a hovercraft through a track and compete against other racers (human or AI controlled). Tube Slider is unique in the fact, like its name, the vehicles race through transparent tubes that are often suspended off the ground. The modes available are a generic single-player mode, a time trial mode, and a multiplayer function.

Game modes[edit]

The objective of singleplayer is very similar to the F-Zero series. The player must score races to win points, and by having the highest sum of points the player wins a championship. Upon winning the championship a new tournament (as well as new stages) are unlocked, and the player proceeds to win that one. Upon winning the final tournament a pallette swap of all the vehicles is awarded.

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