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Tubefilter, Inc.
Privately held
Industry Internet, Media, Entertainment
Founded Los Angeles, United States (2008 (2008))[1]
Founder Drew Baldwin
Brady Brim-DeForest
Marc Hustvedt[2]
Headquarters Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Key people
Brady Brim-DeForest (CEO)
Drew Baldwin (SVP, Product)
Marc Hustvedt (Editor-in-Chief)
Joshua Cohen (CIO)
Jamison Tilsner(COO)[3]
Products Tubefilter News, online publication
Website Tubefilter, Inc.

Tubefilter, Inc. is a privately held company based in Los Angeles, California that operates media businesses focusing on the online entertainment industry.[4] Tubefilter is best known for Tubefilter News, a blog targeted at the producers and distributors of web television content where the best in episodic scripted serialized web series[5][6] and alternate reality games can be found.[7] Tubefilter News describes itself as the leading web television trade publication in Hollywood and has reported on such major stories as Apple, Inc.'s foray into original content production[8][9] and the launch of Joss Whedon's cult series Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.[10][11]

Tubefilter News has been cited by Variety,[12] and its staff have been quoted by the Washington Post,[13] the Christian Science Monitor,[14] The Wrap,[15] and BusinessWeek [16] when covering the web television industry. It is ranked in the top 1600 blogs worldwide according to Technorati.[17]

The company also operates the Streamy Awards, as well as a weekly web television guide[6][18] and hosts monthly Web TV meetups.[19][20] In October 2009, Tubefilter acquired online entertainment and reviews site[2][21][22]


Tubefilter integrates a number of blogs and services into its network. These include:

  • Tubefilter News (launched June 2008), a trade publication for the online entertainment industry.[3]
  • Tubefilter Jobs (launched February 2009), a new-media and web television focused job board.[23]
  • Web TV Schedule (launched August 2008), a guide to web television release schedules.[24]


Tubefilter operates a series of events in Los Angeles and New York. These include:[25]

  • Onfronts (launched June 2009), a bi-annual digital upfront for the web television industry.
  • Web TV Meetups (launched August 2008), a community event series in Los Angeles.
  • Web TV Week (launched March 2009), a week-long series of web television events that takes place every spring and fall in Los Angeles.

Programs and sponsorships[edit]

Tubefilter sponsors and promotes a number of Web TV based award shows and foundations. They are a founding host of the Streamy Awards,[26][27] which honor excellence in web television production. They also were part of a partnership of new media companies that formed the International Academy of Web Television.[28][29] They were also a sponsor for the 4th Annual ITVFest (Independent Television Festival),[30] the 2009 NATPE LATVFest,[31] and the first Open Video Conference from the Open Video Alliance.[32] The co-founding of Tubefilter was among the credentials noted for Brady Brim-DeForest's position on a panel from "the world of technology and media" that judged entrants for Twiistup 6.[33]

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