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A tuberculoma is a clinical manifestation of tuberculosis which conglomerates tubercles into a firm lump, and so can mimic cancer tumors of many types in medical imaging studies.[1][2] Since these are evolutions of primary complex, the tuberculomas may contain within caseum or calcifications.


With the passage of time Mycobacterium tuberculosis can transform into crystals of calcium. These can affect any organ such as the brain,[3][4] intestine,[5][6][7] ovaries,[8][9] breast,[10][11][12] lungs,[13][14] esophagus,[15] liver,[citation needed] pancreas,[16] bones,[17][18] and many others.


Differential diagnosis[edit]

As the histologic and clinical indications, as well as tumor markers such as the CA-125, are similar, it is often difficult to differentiate tuberculoma from cancer. For these reasons, tuberculosis should always be considered in the differential diagnosis of cancer.


Tuberculoma is commonly treated through the HRZE drug combination (Isoniazid, Rifampin, Pyrazinamide, Ethambutol) followed by maintenance therapy.[19]


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