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Strawberry Slime Mould (15567928602).jpg
Tubifera ferruginosa
Scientific classification
(unranked): Amoebozoa
Infraphylum: Mycetozoa
Class: Myxogastria
Order: Liceales
Family: Tubiferaceae
Genus: Tubifera
G.F.Gmel., 1792
Type species
Tubifera ferruginosa
(Batsch) J.F.Gmel., 1791

Tubifera is a genus of slime moulds from the subclass Myxogastria. They comprise five species.


Tubifera ferruginosa, fruiting on moss

The fruit body are aethalia from numerous, closely pressed together sporangia, sometimes also smaller, looser or bundled grouplets. The oblong sporangia are ochre, pink or red to dark brown and may be shiny or shimmering. They open at the tip to release the spores.[1]

The hypothallus is spongy, occasionally raised to a stem-like, stock, dark-coloured structure or also, on Tubifera bombarda, soft and film-like thin. The membranous, single layered peridium is outlasting the below half. A pseudocapillitium may missing or exist. The spores are light yellow to red-brown.[1]


Tubifera ferruginosa and Tubifera microsperma are more widespread and common that the other species from the genus.[2] All species, except Tubifera casparyii, are also common in the tropics.[1]


The genus was circumscribed in 1873 by Józef Thomasz Rostafiński. The type species is Tubifera ferruginosa, first characterized as a Stemonitis species. The genus comprises 12 species, including:[1]


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