Tubular gland

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Tubular gland
A pyloric gland, from a section of the dog’s stomach.
m. Mouth.
n. Neck.
tr. A deep portion of a tubule cut transversely.
Anatomical terminology

If glands are categorized by shape, tubular glands contrast with alveolar glands. Tubular glands retain their shape as a tube throughout their length whereas alveolar glands have a saclike secretory portion.[1][2]

Tubular glands are further classified as one of the following types:

Type Description Location
Simple Tubular Gland.png simple tubular
or simple straight tubular[3]
or straight tubular[4]
the gland is a uniform tube Small intestine (Crypts of Lieberkühn), uterine glands
Simple Tubular Coiled Gland.png coiled tubular
or simple coiled tubular[5]
the gland is coiled without losing its tubular form sweat glands
Compound tubular gland.png simple branched tubular[6]
or compound tubular[7]
branching occurs in the tubes pyloric glands of stomach

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