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Fungus feeding thrips from the Philippines
Fungus feeding thrips from the Philippines
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Thysanoptera
Suborder: Tubulifera
Family: Phlaeothripidae
Uzel, 1895


Phlaeothripidae is a family of thrips with hundreds of genera. The name sometimes is misspelt "Phaleothripidae". They are the only family of the suborder Tubulifera, and are themselves ordered into two subfamilies, the Idolothripinae with 80 genera, and the Phlaeothripinae with almost 400. Some 3,400 species are recognised in this family, and many are fungivores living in the tropics.[1]

Thrips from this family are fairly common, and are generally larger than those in the suborder Terebrantia (containing all other thrips). Idolothrips marginatus can attain a body length of up to 14 mm. The group is distinguished by having the last abdominal segment modified into a tube-like structure – hence the suborder's name, which means "tube-bearers".

Selected species[edit]

Some of the better-known species are:

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