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In Eastern Algonkian languages, the word tuckahoe was used for several edible plants, as well as an edible subterranean fungus.

  • Peltandra virginica, also called Green arrow arum or Tuckahoe, the rhizome was cooked and used as food by Native Americans
  • Orontium aquaticum, also called Golden-club or Tuckahoe, the seeds and rhizome were used as food by Native Americans
  • Wolfiporia extensa, also called Poria cocos, Tuckahoe, or Indian Bread; the sclerotium of a fungus used as food by Native Americans and by the Chinese as a medicinal

Tuckahoe may also refer to Tuckahoe-Cohee, an early colonial American cultural sub-group in Virginia and the Carolinas.

The Native American word has been used as a place name:

Bodies of water
Other uses