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Tucker Cawley is an American television comedy writer and producer, best known for writing episodes for Everybody Loves Raymond. He has also written for Men of a Certain Age, Parks and Recreation, Up All Night, and the short-lived Kelsey Grammer sitcom Hank. He has won three Emmy Awards, including the 2003 Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.


He is a 1986 graduate of Gonzaga College High School in Washington, DC and a 1990 graduate of the University of Virginia, where he was a member of Theta Chi social fraternity. Cawley broke into television as an intern for the Psychic Friends Network and a personal assistant to Roseanne and Tom Arnold.

Everybody Loves Raymond episodes[edit]

This is a list of Everybody Loves Raymond episodes written or co-written by Cawley.

Season one[edit]

  • "Frank, the Writer"
  • "Turkey or Fish"
  • "The Game"
  • "Fascinatin' Debra" (with Jeremy Stevens)

Season two[edit]

Season three[edit]

  • "Moving Out"
  • "Pants on Fire"
  • "Ray Home Alone" (with Ray Romano & Tom Caltabiano)

Season four[edit]

Season five[edit]

  • "The Walk to the Door"
  • "Silent Partners"
  • "Stefania Arrives" (with Lew Schneider)
  • "Ally's Birth"

Season Six[edit]

Season Seven[edit]

  • "The Cult" (with Philip Rosenthal)
  • "The Thought That Counts"
  • "The Plan"
  • "Baggage" - Emmy Award Winner for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series

Season Eight[edit]

Season Nine[edit]

Out of Practice episodes[edit]

Season One[edit]

  • "...and I'll Cry If I Want to"

Welcome to the Captain episodes[edit]

Season One[edit]

  • "Mr. Big Meeting"

Parks and Recreation episodes[edit]

Season One[edit]

  • "The Banquet"

Hank episodes[edit]

Season One[edit]

  • "Pilot"

Men of a Certain Age episodes[edit]

Season One[edit]

  • "Let the Sunshine In"
  • "A League of Their Own" (with Itamar Ross)

Up All Night episodes[edit]

Season One[edit]

  • "First Christmas"
  • "First Birthday"
  • "Letting Go"

Season Two[edit]

The Mindy Project episodes[edit]

Season One[edit]

  • "Pretty Man"

Growing Up Fisher Episodes[edit]

Season One[edit]

  • "Drug/Bust"
  • "Secret Lives of Fishers" (with Laura Chinn)

The Odd Couple episodes[edit]

Season One[edit]

  • "The Blind Leading the Blind Date"
  • "Enlightening Strikes" (with Emily Cutler)

Season Two[edit]

  • "From Here to Maturity"

Season Three[edit]

  • "Food Fight"
  • "Conscious Odd Coupling" (with Bob Daily)

Superior Donuts episodes[edit]

Season One[edit]

  • "Art for Art's Sake" (with Dan O'Shannon)

A Million Little Things episodes[edit]

Season One[edit]

  • "The Rock" (with Jordan Hawley)

Awards and nominations[edit]

He is most associated with Everybody Loves Raymond for which he won three Emmys, including the 2003 Emmy for best writing for a comedy.

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