Tucker Rountree

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Tucker Rountree
Tucker Rountree of Total Slacker.jpg
Background information
Born 1981
Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter, artist
Instruments Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass
Labels Marshall Tellar Records-London
Associated acts Total Slacker
Notable instruments
Fender Stratocaster

Tucker Rountree is an American songwriter,[1] artist[2] and videographer.[3][4]

Rountree is known mainly through his involvement in Total Slacker. He's been featured and interviewed on VH1,[5] NBC[6] and given cameos on MTV[7] in regards to his works. He's also known by recording various Modern Jazz projects with grammy winning producer for Leonard Cohen, the bassist Roscoe Beck.[8]

An only child who was raised by his father Philip Rountree in Utah who is a songwriter and painter, Tucker attributes much of his creativity from him.[9] Rountree grew up in a Pentecostal, semi-communal group where he lived in many different homes throughout his childhood and is said to have learned music by ear in that environment playing in church.[10] A chance meeting with Grammy award-winning artist Eric Johnson, eventually lead to a mentorship where Rountree learned and played with him on stage for 2 years touring the United States.[11][12][13][14] Moving to New York in 2008, he started Total Slacker with Emily Oppenheimer.[15] Since then, Rolling Stone declared Rountree as: "hype of the underground with praise to the skies.." Describing Rountree's voice as: "hovering vocals...Listless and languid phrasing".[16] The Village Voice said: "Front man Tucker Rountree manages to echo Lou Reed with languid, fuzzed-out jams."[17] With an album released in London and Japan in 2011, Pitchfork Media described Rountree as: "...An adept guitarist...Giving mood-setting one-note solos that act as complete earworms."[18] "

Keyboardist Phil Davis, who played on Paul McCartney's 1971 solo album Ram, is Rountree's maternal uncle.[19][20][21][22] He is first cousins with actress Kylee Cochran.[23]


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