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Tudiya or Tudia is the earliest Assyrian king named on the Assyrian King List, and the first of the "seventeen kings who lived in tents". According to Georges Roux he would have lived in the latter half of the 25th century BC, i.e. somewhere between 2450 BC and 2400 BC. The list says he was succeeded by Adamu.[1]

In initial archaeological reports from Ebla, it appeared that Tudiya's existence was confirmed with the discovery of a tablet where he concluded a treaty for the operation of a karum in Eblaite territory, with "king" Ibrium of Ebla (who is now known to have been the vizier of Ebla for king Ishar-Damu). This entire reading is now questionable, as several scholars have more recently argued that the treaty in question was not with king Tudiya of Asshur at all, but rather with the unnamed king of an uncertain location called "Abarsal".


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