Tudor Vianu National College of Computer Science

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Coordinates: 44°27′29″N 26°04′47″E / 44.45806°N 26.07972°E / 44.45806; 26.07972

Tudor Vianu National College of Computer Science
Motto "Tradiţie, Competiţie, Performanţa"
(Tradition, Competition, Performance)
Established 1928
Type Public
Principal Corina Ciobanu
Location 10, Arhitect Ion Mincu
Local authority City of Bucharest
Staff [1]
Gender Mixed
Ages 11–19
Colours Blue, Green and Orange
Website www.lbi.ro

The Tudor Vianu National College of Computer Science (Romanian: Colegiul Naţional de Informaticǎ Tudor Vianu), often referred to as "CNITV" of Bucharest can trace its roots back to 1928 and enjoys nowadays a very good reputation in Romania and even in the world, due to its students that won many International Competitions in physics, mathematics, computer science and chemistry.


The history of the Tudor Vianu National College of Computer Science begins with its building situated at 10, Architect Ion Mincu Street in Bucharest, Romania. During World War II, the building was the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement headquarters. In 1928, the building began to be used as a high school and was first known as the "Academical High School for Girls". Due to the changes that followed after World War II, the institution decided to focus on a prospective domain: computer science. Its prestige rises and in 1973 it is renamed "Petru Groza High School of Computer Science". Just four years later, the institution changed its name once more and became known as the Mathematics-Physics High School no. 1 (Romanian: Liceul de matematicǎ-fizicǎ, nr. 1). In 1991, just two years after the Romanian Revolution, the school was renamed High School of Computer Science. Since 1997, the institution uses the name of a famous Romanian art critic, poet, philosopher and translator: Tudor Vianu.


In 2007, due to its last admission rating of 9.51, CNITV was ranked first in Bucharest. One year later, its last admission rating suffered a significant drop to 9.17, and was ranked on the 5th place. This drop was believed to have been caused by the Romanian Government's decision to change the entrance examination methodology.[2] In 2009, the high school was ranked 2nd after Saint Sava National College, in 2010 it was ranked 4th, due to its 9.32 last admission rating, and in 2011 was also the 4th, with 9.42 last admission rating.

International Contests[edit]

The Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science has a long list of excellent students that participated in many International Science Olympiads and other contests. In the last decade only, the students won 30 gold medals, 53 silver medals and 36 bronze medals in different kind of competitions.

Comenius Projects[edit]

The Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science has been participating in two 2 different projects in recent years. The projects were coordinated by Iulia Manicea.

NASA Great Moonbuggy Race[edit]

CNITV also took part in other Academic Competitions. In 2009 and 2010, two teams participated in the NASA Great Moonbuggy Race,[3] a competition held in Huntsville, Alabama since 1994. The students had to build a vehicle resembling the Lunar Rover used on the Moon during the last three missions of the American Apollo program and then race it to the finish line.

Year Team Members Coordinating teacher Award
2009 Team Romaniacs Ferariu Ioana, Vlădoiu Anda, Munteanu-Ene Cătălin,

Ion Cosmin, Ilieşiu Victor Luca, Iordache Radu

Stoica Ioana Spirit Team Award
2009 Team Moonwalker Alecu Mădălina, Bombărăscu Gabriela, Lupu Sorina,

Dorobanţu Ramona, Vîlceanu Patricia, Fărcăşanu Alexandru

Stoica Ioana Best Design Award[4]
2010 Team Moonwalker Alecu Mădălina, Bombărăscu Gabriela, Lupu Sorina,

Dorobanţu Ramona, Vîlceanu Patricia, Iorga Cosmin

Stoica Ioana
2010 Team Vlaicu Borlovan Ana, Filimon Andra, Muraru Costin,

Ion Andrei, Ionaşcu Iulian, Milorad Liviu Felix

Stoica Ioana Safety System Award

Romanian Masters of Sciences[edit]

The Romanian Master of Mathematics and Sciences [5] (formerly known as the Romanian Masters in Mathematics), also referred to as RMMS is an annual international competition dedicated to students at preuniversitary level. It is organised by the Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science in collaboration with the Sector 1 town council.

The first Romanian Master of Mathematics [6] took place in 2008. At the 2012 RMMS, there were 14 participating countries: Romania, Russia, Brazil, United Kingdom, United States, Serbia, Bulgaria, Italy, China, Kazakhstan, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary. There was no RMMS competition in 2014.


The official school magazine was Fişierele Tinerilor ("Youth Files"). The articles in the magazine were mainly educational, as they covered subjects as physics, mathematics, chemistry, geography, history and economics. It also enabled pupils to showcase their artistic and literary talents through various contests or activities. Sometimes, it featured articles relating school theatre plays or interviews with pupils that had performed well in various competitions. The journal was produced by an editorial committee of student volunteers, usually with the assistance of some teachers. It was partly financed by commercial advertising and was published every four or five months. The magazine was closed in July 2009.


  • 1954 Anton Minciuna
  • 1956 Bention Wallensten
  • 1959 Teodor Burcescu
  • 1960 Mihail Mihalcea
  • 1962 Teodor Burcescu
  • 1977 Grigore Ilie
  • 1999 Silvia Moraru
  • 2011 Severius Moldoveanu
  • 2013 Cristinel Paun
  • 2014 Corina Vint

Student Body Structure[edit]

  • 5th-8th grade : 2 classes
  • 9th-12th grade : 9 classes

Notable alumni[edit]