Tuen Mun Town Centre

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Tuen Mun Town Centre Residential
Tuen Mun Public Library on Tuen Mun Cultural Square
Tuen Mun Law Courts

Tuen Mun Town Centre (屯門市中心) is an area in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, that serves as the focal point of Tuen Mun District. It features a range of cultural and entertainment facilities and several government buildings, including Tuen Mun Town Plaza, Tuen Mun Cultural Square, Tuen Mun Town Hall, Tuen Mun Public Library, Tuen Mun Park, Tuen Mun Law Courts, Tuen Mun Central Post Office and Tuen Mun Government Offices.


Tuen Mun Town Plaza comprises a major department store (JUSCO) and a variety of retail outlets. Tuen Mun Cultural Square is a multi-purpose outdoor venue for entertainment and cultural events. It is a popular location for government departments and community organizations to stage activities such as the Spring Lantern Carnival, booth games, photography exhibitions and pop concerts.

Tuen Mun Town Hall is another favourite venue for entertainment and cultural activities such as seminars, film shows, dramas, orchestra concerts and choral music performances. Tuen Mun Public Library adjacent to it provides a full range of books, newspapers, magazines and audio-visual items for loan. Tuen Mun Parklane Square being next to the library is a commercial building.

Tuen Mun Park is a leisure park, in which there is a designated pool for model boats playing. There is also a children playground and the Reptile House.


Town Centre Stop with Town Centre in the background.

Tuen Mun Town Centre is within 5 minutes walking distance from Tuen Mun Station (West Rail Line). It is served by several bus routes including route Nos. 960, 961, 260X, 58M, 52X, 60M, 60X, 61X, 62X, 263 and E33. The Town Centre Stop of the MTR Light Rail is served by routes No. 505, 507, 614, 614P or 751.

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