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Origin Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Genres Glam metal,[1] hard rock, heavy metal
Years active 1985–present
Labels Atlantic, I.R.S./Grand Slamm Records, Mausoleum Records
Associated acts Nitro, Substance D, Sister Whiskey
Website tuffcds.com
Members Stevie Rachelle
Todd "Chase" Chaisson
Past members Jorge DeSaint
Gary Huckaby
Michael Lean
Terry Fox
Jim Gillette
Danny Wilder
Jimi Lord Winalis
Jamie Fonte
Adam Hamilton
Benny Bruce
Brian Saunders
Tony Eckholm
Darrell Roberts
Michael Thomas
John Corabi
Keri Kelli

Tuff is an American glam metal band formed in 1985 in Phoenix, Arizona, by guitarist Jorge Manos (DeSaint), bassist Todd Chaisson (Chase), and included guitarist David Janssen, drummer Chris Louthan, and vocalist Michael Meyers (Cordet). This incarnation of Tuff was prior to taking on it's "Glam" image, and the music was significantly "heavier". This little documented lineup actually played in the local Phoenix market for roughly a year, at such clubs as (Rockers, Bootlegger, etc.) opening for various National Acts, including Flotsam and Jetsam.

In 1986, drummer Gary Huckaby, replaced Louthan, Cordet left to work with another Phoenix area band, and eventually, Michael Angelo Batio in LA band "Michael Angelo". 2nd guitarist David Janssen also left the band to attend the Musicians Institute.

After drummer Gary Huckaby left the group in 1986 to work with another local project, the band enlisted drummer Michael Lean and vocalist Terry Fox, who left the band shortly afterwards to pursue an ice skating career. With replacement vocalist Jim Gillette, the band recorded a four-track EP entitled Knock Yourself Out (1986). However, Gillette soon departed to form Nitro and was replaced by Stevie Rachelle.[2]


The band with its classic line-up consisted of Stevie Rachelle on vocals, Jorge DeSaint on guitars, Todd Chase on bass and drummer Michael "Lean" Raimondo. The band played all over the West Coast and eventually was doing cross country tours headlining clubs. Yet had no record deal. After becoming (in their opinion) the biggest unsigned band in the world that no one had ever heard of, after years of hard work, it never did really pay off.

Tuff was first signed in 1990 by Atlantic Records and released their debut album What Comes Around Goes Around in May 1991, which included the band's successful power ballad "I Hate Kissing You Goodbye" co-written with Todd Meagher. The video reached #3 on Dial MTV behind Guns N' Roses & Metallica. In 1994, Tuff independently released Fist First which was eventually reissued by another major label BMG as Religious Fix, in 1995 with the addition of three bonus tracks.

The band was then picked up by IRS Grand Slamm Records in early 1993. The label folded in less than a year with the end of the mother label, IRS Records, which distributed Grand Slamm, and Tuff was without a label again.

After struggling with record labels for years, Stevie Rachelle decided to form his own label for the band and in early 1994, Rachelle officially started RLS Records. The initials had a dual meaning. The first was "Record Labels Suck" & the second was "Rachelle's Lyrics & Songs". The offshoot, Cheezee Records, was formed in 1996 to be the home for the singer's side project, Cheeseheads With Attitude.[citation needed]

Tuff again signed with a record label in early 1995 when BMG/Mausoleum/MMS records picked up the RLS Fist First release after it sold upwards of 10,000 copies. BMG re-issued it as Religious Fix in June 1995 with 3 bonus tracks. The additional tracks were produced by Randy Cantor.

In 2001, Tuff released the compilation CD, The History of Tuff, which included the song "American Hair Band", a parody of Kid Rock's "American Bad Ass" (both of which incorporate the instrumentals of Metallica's "Sad But True"). "American Hair Band" made references to numerous similar bands of the era as well as criticizing grunge and alternative rock.

Tuff released What Comes Around Goes Around Again in 2012, which featured four rerecorded songs from What Comes Around Goes Around plus new tracks.[3]

Current members[edit]

  • Stevie Rachelle (born Steven Howard Hanseter) - vocals (1987-1995 / 2000–present)
  • Todd Chase (born Todd Chaisson) - bass (1985-1991 / 2008–present)
  • Billy Morris - guitar (2004 / 2012–present)
  • Jimi Lord Winalis - drums (1993-1995 / 2009 2015 touring member)
  • Todd "T" Burr' - drums (2001-2012 / 2015-present touring member)
  • Howie Simon - guitar (2016-2017 touring member)

Past members[edit]

  • Jorge DeSaint (born George Manos) - guitar (1985-1995)
  • Michael Lean (born Michael Raimondo) - drums (1985-1993)
  • Terry Fox - vocals (1985)
  • Jim Gillette - vocals (1986-1987)
  • Jamie Fonte - bass guitar (1994-1995)
  • Adam Hamilton - drums (1995)
  • Benny Bruce - touring keyboardist (1988-1990)
  • Brian Saunders - bass guitar (2000-2001)
  • Tony Eckholm - drums (2000-2001)
  • Darrell Roberts - guitar (2000-2001)
  • Michael Thomas- guitar (2001-2002)
  • John Corabi - guitar (2001)
  • Keri Kelli - guitar (2005)
  • Paul Jaeger - bass (2006-2008)
  • Mike Trash - guitar (2006)
  • Jack Aurora - guitar (2003-2012)
  • Nick Mason - drums (2012 / 2015)
  • Trent Anderson - drums (2011-2014)
  • Michael Scott Nelson - drums (2014)
  • Stephan Osterlind - guitar (2012-2013)
  • Boris "BC" Chudzinski - guitar (2013 - Europe Touring Member)
  • Danny Wilder - bass guitar (1992 - 1993)


Tuff albums[edit]

  • Knock Yourself Out (Tuff Muff Music 1986)
  • What Comes Around Goes Around (Atlantic Records 1991)
  • Fist First (RLS Records 1994)
  • Religious Fix (Mausoleum/MMS/BMG 1995)
  • Decade of Disrespect (RLS Records 1996)
  • Regurgitation (Big Cheese Records 1997) Portugal Release
  • Regurgitation (RLS Records 2000) US Re-issue
  • History of Tuff (RLS Records 2001)
  • Live in the U.K. (RLS Records 2003)
  • What Comes Around Goes Around... Again! (RLS Records 2012)
  • The Glam Years 1985-1989 (RLS Records 2015) - CD & Digital Only
  • Decadation (RLS Records 2015) - Vinyl & Digital Only

Stevie Rachelle (solo) albums[edit]

  • best sTuff (Coming...) RLS Records
  • Since Sixty-Six (2000) RLS Records
  • Who The Hell Am I? (1998) RLS Records

Shameless albums featuring Stevie Rachelle of Tuff[edit]

  • The Filthy 7 (2017)
  • Beautiful Disaster (2013)
  • Queen 4 a Day remastered-reissue (2012)
  • Dial $ For Sex (2011)
  • Famous 4 Madness (2007)
  • Super Hardcore Show Live (2003)
  • Splashed (2002)
  • Queen 4 a Day (2000)
  • Backstreet Anthems (1999)

Tales From The Porn albums featuring Stevie Rachelle of Tuff[edit]

  • H.M.M.V. (2017) on Animal Records (Brazil) / Steelheart Records (Italy) / RLS Records (U.S.)

Metal Sludge releases featuring Stevie Rachelle of Tuff[edit]

  • Metal Sludge's Hey That's What I Call Sludge Vol. 1 (2003) Metal Sludge Entertainment

Compilations & tribute albums featuring Stevie Rachelle of Tuff[edit]

  • The Cigar Chronicles Vol 1 (2012) I Can't Dance (Lead Vocal)
  • Rockstar Superstar Project - Serenity (2010) Get Out Of My Way (Lead Vocal) Guitars by George Lynch
  • 80s Hair Metal Goes Classic (Compilation CD) (2009) Lights Journey cover (Lead Vocal)
  • Kid Rock Tribute - Title tba (2009) American Bad Ass & Bawitdaba (Lead Vocal)
  • We Wish You a Hairy Christmas (Koch Records 2003) Jingle Bell Rock (Lead Vocal) Guitars by Nick Nolan
  • Mullet Years - Rocker (Universal/Canada 2003) American Hair Band
  • A Rock Tribute to Guns N' Roses (2002) {vocals on You're Crazy} Guitars by Tracii Guns & Gilby Clarke
  • A Tribute to Styx (2002) {vocals on Babe}
  • A Tribute to Journey (2002) {vocals on Lights}
  • Album Networks Rock Tune Up (2001) American Hair Band Guitars by Darrell Roberts
  • Bulletproof Fever: A Tribute to Ted Nugent (2001) {vocals on Wango Tango} Guitars by Jake E. Lee
  • Livin' On a Prayer: A Tribute to Bon Jovi (2001) {vocals on In & Out of Love}
  • Fire Woman / A Tribute to The Cult (2001) {vocals on Outlaw}
  • Name Your Poison: A Tribute to Poison (2001) {vocals on Look What The Cat Dragged In}
  • Shout at the Remix: A Tribute to Mötley Crüe (2000) {vocals on Red Hot}
  • Leppardmania: A Tribute to Def Leppard (2000) {vocals on Too Late for Love}
  • Covered like a Hurricane: A Tribute to Scorpions (2000) {vocals on Blackout}
  • Appetite For Reconstruction: A Tribute to Gn'R (1999) {vocals on You're Crazy}

Cheeseheads With Attitude albums featuring Stevie Rachelle of Tuff[edit]

  • Green N' Gold Hits (2011) Cheezee Records
  • A-Rod Remix of Packer Fans (2011) Cheezee Records (Single Only)
  • Greatest Slices of... (2003) Cheezee Records
  • Say Cheese (1998) Cheezee Records
  • Cheeseheads 4 Life (1997) Cheezee Records
  • Tailgate Tunes - Greatest Hits of 1997 (1997) Just Right Records (Sixteen Games)
  • Straight Outta Wisconsin (1996) Cheezee Records

Home videos/DVD[edit]

  • What Comes Around Goes Around: The Videos (1991/2003)
  • Religious Fix The Videos (1995/2003)
  • Decade of Distant Memories (1996/2003)
  • Rock N' Rarities The Videos (2003)

TV, film & documentaries[edit]

Tuff & Shameless American & international tours[edit]

  • West Coast Tour (Summer / Fall 1987)
  • Wisconsin Tour (May 1988)
  • Midwest Tour (Summer 1989)
  • Midwest / Texas Tour (January 1990)
  • East Coast Tour (Spring 1990) with Britny Fox
  • What Comes Around Goes Around US Tour Part 1 (Summer 1991)
  • What Comes Around Goes Around UK Tour (October 1991)
  • What Comes Around Goes Around US Tour Part 2 (Winter 1991) with Lita Ford
  • MidWest & West Coast Tours (1992)
  • MidWest & West Coast Tours (1993)
  • Fist First US Tour Part 1 (Summer 1994)
  • Fist First US Tour Part 2 (Fall 1994)
  • Religious Fix US Tour Part 1 (Summer 1995)
  • Religious Fix US Tour Part 2 (Fall 1995)

TUFF Breaks Up November 26, 1995----

TUFF Reforms in the fall of 2000----

  • Shameless / European Tour (Fall 2000) Germany & the Netherlands with Bruce Kulick (KISS)
  • American Hair Band US Tour (Spring / Summer 2001)
  • Tuff UK Tour (October 2002) with Shameless feat: Steve Summers of Pretty Boy Floyd
  • Tuff (New Year's Eve 2004) Cleveland, Ohio feat: Stevie Rachelle, Donnie Vie & Drew Hanna
  • Tuff "Cruefest" in Hollywood, CA (July 2005)
  • Metal Sludge Extravaganza Tour (August 2005) Tuff, Billy Morris Band, Fastback, Sugar
  • Tuff Brazil Tour (February 2006) with Steve Summers of Pretty Boy Floyd
  • Tuff Australia Tour (March 2007)
  • Shameless / European Tour (April 2007) England, Spain, Italy,
  • Tuff Rock Fever Fest in Mexico (March 2009) with Skid Row, Enuff Z'nuff, Pretty Boy Floyd
  • Shameless / European Tour (April 2009) Germany, Switzerland, Italy,
  • Shameless / European Tour (Fall 2010) Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, Sweden
  • Tuff Midwest Tour (Summer 2011) Illinois, Wisconsin & Minnesota
  • Tuff Brazil Tour (August 2011)
  • Tuff Mexico Tour (Fall 2011)
  • Shameless / Europe Tour Part 1 (March 2012) Belgium, France, Germany
  • Shameless / Europe Tour Part 2 (April 2012) Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden
  • Shameless / Europe Tour Part 3 (July 2012) Romania, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic
  • Tuff California Tour (August 2012) "Cruefest" Hollywood, Santa Ana, Redondo Beach & Fresno
  • Tuff East Coast Tour (Spring 2013) @ M3 Rock Festival Baltimore, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey & New York
  • Tuff Midwest Tour (Summer 2013) Illinois & Wisconsin
  • Tuff West Coast Tour (September 2013) California & Nevada
  • Tuff UK Tour (October 2013) England, Wales & Scotland with Shameless feat: Steve Summers of Pretty Boy Floyd
  • Tuff Monsters of Rock Cruise (March/April 2014) The Bahamas
  • Shameless / Europe Tour (April 2014) Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic
  • Tuff US Tour (Sept/Nov 2014) Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin
  • Tuff (New Year's Eve 2014) Cleveland, Ohio
  • Tuff Cathouse Live - Irvine Meadows (August 2015) w/ Sebastian Bach, Tom Keifer, LA Guns, Faster Pussycat, etc..
  • Tuff Midwest Tour (September 2015) Green Bay, Chicago & Rock N' Skull
  • Tuff Ohio Tour (December 2015) Akron, Cleveland & Cincinnati
  • Tuff West Coast Tour (Spring 2016) Las Vegas, Fresno, Hollywood (Rainbow Bar & Grill Party)
  • Tuff 80's In The Park (August 2016) Melbourne, Florida
  • Tuff Hair Nation Live - Irvine Meadows (September 2016) w/ Vince Neil, Bret Michaels, L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat, etc...
  • Tuff Monsters of Rock Cruise (October 2016) West Coast/Monsterwood
  • Tuff Midwest Tour (December 2016) Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Oklahoma City & Dallas
  • Shameless / Euro Tour (Spring 2017) Germany, Czech Republic
  • Shameless / Euro Tour (Winter 2017) Italy, Germany, Switzerland

C.W.A. forms in the fall of 1996----

  • C.W.A. Straight Outta Wisconsin Tour (Winter 1996/1997)
  • C.W.A. Cheeseheads for Life Wisconsin Tour Part 1 (Fall 1997)
  • C.W.A. Cheeseheads for Life Wisconsin Tour Part 2 (Winter 1997)
  • C.W.A. Appearance at Super Bowl Pep Rally / NFL Experience (January 1998) San Diego, CA
  • C.W.A. Say Cheese Wisconsin Tour (Fall 1998)
  • C.W.A. Re-union Tour Wisconsin (Summer / Fall 2011)
  • C.W.A. Wisconsin Tour / Waterfest Oshkosh (August 2012) with REO Speedwagon
  • C.W.A. Wisconsin Tour (Fall 2012) Oshkosh, Appleton & Green Bay
  • C.W.A. Wisconsin Tour (September 2013) Milwaukee, Appleton & Green Bay
  • C.W.A. Houston Texas (November 2013) w/ Cheddarhead Pack of Houston
  • C.W.A. Wisconsin Tour (October 2014) Oshkosh, Howard, Green Bay & Appleton
  • C.W.A. Texas Tour (November 2014) Houston & Humble
  • C.W.A. Wisconsin Tour (September 2015) Oshkosh, Green Bay
  • C.W.A. Texas Tour (November 2015) Houston & Humble
  • C.W.A. Texas Tour (November 2016) Houston
  • C.W.A. Texas Tour (October 2017) Houston
  • C.W.A. Packer's Legends Cruise (March 2018) The Caribbean/Mexico

Appearances in published books[edit]

  • Hollywood Rocks - Ultimate Guide (2003)
  • American Hair Metal (2006)
  • Fuck You - Rock n' Roll Portraits by Neil Zlozower (2008)


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