Tuff Gong Worldwide

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This article is about Ziggy Marley's record label. For his dad's record label, see Tuff Gong.
Tuff Gong Worldwide
Parent company 56 Hope Road
Founded 2006
Founder Ziggy Marley
Genre Reggae
Country of origin Jamaica/United States
Official website http://www.tuffgongworldwide.com/

Tuff Gong Worldwide is a record label formed by Ziggy Marley. He used the same name as his father's label, but changed the word international to worldwide.


Ziggy Marley started the label under his father's name, changing the international to worldwide. He started the label to do what his father, Bob Marley, couldn't do and make a label that does more than just his own work.

In 2006, Ziggy Marley released his second solo album as the first album on the label. The same year, he released a live version of the album on both CD and DVD. Also that year, a compilation album titled "Ziggy Marley in Jamaica" got released where Ziggy Marley released rare reggae classics.

In 2009, Ziggy Marley released a live album as part of iTunes's "Live from SoHo" series. He released his first children's album titled "Family Time" on the label.

In 2010, he released another compilation album titled "Dancehall Originators" that featured Original Dancehall mixes.